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Edvinsson Google Ads Plan

Edvinsson Google Ads Plan

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Based upon your product, brand, plan or idea - together with territory of choice -  we'll develop a minimum of 20 viable Google Keywords and Keyword combinations - and provide their current search volume and trends.

This product includes one page written bidding strategy and suggestion in dollar amounts, with the objective to give you a positive ROI on the spend, drawing from your price point, target audience, territory, and how much traffic can be lead to your Point of Sale from these keywords, in conclusion with your current or projected Conversion Rate. Secondary objective in the strategy is to maximize positioning in search engines, aiming to be number 1, if possible in relation with your ROI.

This planning session is a quick and simple exercise that today has given our clients a reduced Cost per Click performance. It has also brought clients improved presence in search engines and driven more visitors to their Point of Sale and new customers from Product Related but Non-brand specific Search Terms. It has also made clients appear number one in Search Engines on non-brand specific search terms.

Upon placed order, we will send you a form of minimum required information, and the delivery of finished product will be within 7 business days from the point where our questions has been answered. 

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