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Edvinsson Publicity is a Remote Workforce Agency, founded by Jonas Edvinsson in 2010 , specializing in Online Marketing & Publicity. 

Edvinsson Publicity’s services are designed to help businesses and their e-commerce to perform online, and to navigate all channels for Costumer Acquisition, including Search Engine, Social Media, Referral Traffic, Email Marketing and Display Advertising.

Our philosophy is to simplify and break down our progress into scientifically measurable work areas.
We like to start from these three overviews...

Product Story/Brand > Traffic/Costumer Acquisition > PoS/Conversion.

...and from there we make the activities meaningful by applying measurable goals and evaluate performance, through Analytics.

 If you’re not sure exactly where to start but you are sure that you want to take your business online, or if you’re already doing business online, and want to get an idea on how we can make it perform better, contact us to start your personalized evaluation process

If you want to have a look at a couple of case studies, and from there get ideas that you want to implement on your business, check some of our client stories on the landing page.



Edvinsson Publicity launched 2010 as a Publicist agency, executing media relation-campaigns for mainly music clients. With Jonas Edvinsson originating from Sweden and immigrated to Canada in 2006, majority of music artist where Swedish indie artists reaching North America. Edvinsson Publicity made sure that projects such as Pallers (Labrador Records) got written about in Pitchfork and Vanbot in

2013 Edvinsson Publicity had three full time Employees excluding sub-contractors and interns, and moved into a beautiful loft in 'Elpro' in historic St-Henri neighbourhood, Montréal. Client range expanded to include related business types to music, such as Festivals and local Entertainment establishments. More prominent music clients contracted Edvinsson Publicity i.e. Turbo Recordings and Arts & Crafts Records.

From this point Social Media campaigns became more and more natural component in the array of services, and Edvinsson Publicity stepped into full e-commerce range from 2014, which was the year Jonas Edvinsson launched together with his wife Amelie Thellen, a parent lifestyle & design online shop that grew into six-figures sales quickly through organic, 0-ad spend campaigning through Social media and Email newsletter subscriptions. Jonas and Amelie eventually sold to a private owner in 2016.

Since this point Edvinsson Publicity services perfected further within analytical e-commerce operations, and for a wider range of clientele. In 2017 Edvinsson Publicity turns 6 years, and have executed over 400+ Online Marketing and Publicity Campaigns for clients within Fashion, Retail, Entertainment, Celebrity, Personas and more.

Remote Workforce Agency

As of 2017 Edvinsson Publicity is a Remote Workforce agency, leading to services with very competitive pricing and flexibility, by not being tied down to heavy fixed costs through office expenses and employment contracts. 
Edvinsson Publicity is a compact agency with expert knowledge and only work with outsourced contracting. Founder Jonas Edvinsson remains involved in each individual contract that Edvinsson Publicity choose to work with.

To get your project evaluated and start discussing your next steps with us, feel very free to just drop just a line at

Warmest Regards
 / Jonas Edvinsson