Drive traffic. Convert to Sales.


Founded by Jonas Edvinsson in 2010, Edvinsson is an online marketing service provider specializing in e-commerce and online sales performance.

We divide our main areas of work into two; First the 'Traffic' or the Costumer Acquisition, using channels available which often includes Search Engine Advertising, Organic Social Media & Advertising, Referral Traffic, Email Marketing and Traditional online Advertising. Secondly, we work with your online Point of Sale, the 'Conversion' portion, building and/or revising your shop to maximize results from this lead Traffic.


Whether you're at the step where you want to take your business online, or if you’re already doing business online and want to increase performance, we're contact us to start your personalized evaluation process

If you want to have a look at a couple of case studies, and from there get ideas that you want to implement on your business, check out some of our client stories.


Remote Workforce

We consider ourselves as a remote workforce, this means we're not an agency, have no large team or offices, which for us equals efficiency, cost-friendliness, and best supports client dedication. 

I'm looking forward to hear from you, get in touch to get your project evaluated and to discuss your next steps with us, 

 / Jonas Edvinsson