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Edvinsson Publicity Complete ecommerce Traffic Management - Monthly

Edvinsson Publicity Complete ecommerce Traffic Management - Monthly

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Do you have a up and running PoS and looking to drive traffic too it?
Have a Marketing budget allocated for traffic/advertising and looking for the expertise to handle it?

Buy our Monthly Subscription Complete Traffic package and Edvinsson Publicity will manage the Five workable Traffic Channels, including:

* Search Engine Advertisement (Adwords)
* Social Media Content management and Advertising (i.e. Facebook, Instagram)
*  Email Marketing and Subscription growth (i.e. through Mailchimp)
* PR / Referral traffic (2 x a 8 weeks campaign per year. Editor and Social Influencer approaches to more than 100s of targets designed for your field)
* Display Advertisement (Traditional, Smart, Re-targeting...your choice)

Also included is: Google Analytics implementation, Conversion optimization advice for your PoS and our Edvinsson Publicity Weekly Analytic Scorecard, with simple display of the important Measurables of your performance such as Traffic gained, Sales per Channel, Cost per Clicks, Cost per Acquisition, Cost per Sale, New Likers, Followers, and many more.
Altogether making sure about your growth and that you get the ROI you are looking for on your ad spend.
By purchasing this product and the deposit of first month 3900$ Service Package Fee, we will contact you right away to go over the necessary initial information, and the Service will only start at the time we have gather what we need. Within a minimum of 7 days after purchase the Monthly should start, this product is refundable at any time after 7 days if Service is not started accordingly.