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Edvinsson Publicity Facebook 4-week campaign Advertisement

Edvinsson Publicity Facebook 4-week campaign Advertisement

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With our experience of successful content creation on Facebook and structural design of Advertisement, we work out from your current needs a suitable 4-week campaign.
Depending on your needs we design the campaign to i.e. drive Traffic to Point of Sale or simply make a serious amount of Impressions. We carefully design the campaign to target the right audience through demographic, gender, age, interests, territory and more.
We will work with your current Facebook page, and make sure it has the necessary functions on place to execute this campaign, and your current amount of Page Likes doesn't matter, we will adapt the campaign to suit your needs and possibilities.
The package service fee is for the execution of the campaign, and the additional ad spend you decide, and can be as little as 7$ a day, but we will suggest what you need to put in order to make the suitable goals and create a positive ROI. Our current successful campaigns can range between everything from 7$ up to 160+$ a day.